Treasure Fall

Treasure Fall 1.4

Treasure Fall-Shareware 1.4 is a match-three game with a medieval atmosphere
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Treasure Fall-Shareware 1.4 is a match-three game with a medieval atmosphere. The goal in this game is to match three or more identical symbols (cauldrons, rings, magical books, diamonds, orbs, crowns, gold coins, etc.). You can achieve this by twisting horizontally or vertically two adjacent items, forming groups that will vanish, leaving the space they occupy free. Spell Books and King Crowns can be moved diagonally. The items above will fall filling the free spaces. You will have to clear a given number of items to advance to the next level. When you manage to create a group of three Crystal Balls, Spell Books or King Crowns, you will get special bonus that you can later use to add you to form groups when you don´t find any movement to do. The Crystal Balls will give you a magical hint (the program will tell you how to move). The Spell Books will make disappear from the board any item that you choose. The King Crowns will wipe away an entire row of items. The unregistered version of Treasure Fall will let you play fifteen times.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It has nice graphics and sound


  • Too often you will find that there are no more movements left, and the game doesn´t warn you about that
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